Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Mind B(l)oggling

Most people would agree that blogging has definitely reached mainstream pop culture, and is getting to be just yet another communication channel in the new internet era, but take a look at these stats on the current state of the 'blogsphere'. For example the blogsphere is 60 times larger than it was 3 years ago, doubling every 3 months with 75,000 new blogs created each day. These numbers are staggering, but how much of it is new, worthwhile (relative) content, and how do you filter through to find what you need. It just points towards more need for even more advanced content and information filtering, and tagging tools to help us wade through the sea of information and find those gold nuggets that are hidden out there in all the silt. The difference with this too is that what is gold to one person is plain rock to another.
Another set of numbers they had in this report was a chart of daily posting volumes mapped to current events. It was amazing to see the correlations between the two and how some events generated greater flurry than others.

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