Friday, March 24, 2006

'Entreprendre' Alive and kicking in Idaho

Entreprendre - to undertake. The origins of the word entrepreneur, as Bo Peabody, General Partner of Village Ventures, 6 time entrepreneur and author of 'Lucky or Smart', explains to a crowd in Boise Idaho at the Keynote for what our Governor has deemed Entrepreneur week in Idaho. Bo goes on to jest about the ironic parallels between entreprendre and the job of an Undertaker, where most entrepreneurial ventures are usually at some point close to death. All in all, a short but inspiring talk from one of the great, yet humble entrepreneurs of our time. This keynote is part of the second annual 'Kickstart' Entrepreneur event, with topical seminars as well as the Northwest Venture Championship which draws teams from around the world. This spirit is one of the great things about Boise - the area exudes a creative energetic feel. Its hard to explain, but ask others from the area, and they will tell you as well. Maybe its the wide open west that draws creative people to it, maybe the clean air and lifestyle that allows ideas to grow and flourish, but whatever it is, it seems to be working. The town is also small enough to get to know lots of people in the industry. You are likely no more than one degree of separation away from anyone else in the technology space. A group of us get together informally for coffee every Tuesday morning to discuss industry trends, business ideas, leadership tips, books, etc. It started with 3 and grew from there. I also have a number of close colleagues that I feel completely comfortable sharing and vetting business ideas with after only being here for 2 years now. This is what you want in a business community. Big enough, yet small enough at the same time. If you are an aspiring entrepreneur, make your way to Boise Idaho and join a community of like minded individuals and let your ideas take shape.

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