Sunday, March 05, 2006

The New Digital Marketing Channel: Microchunking

We all know about podcasts as the current trend in getting your information out to the masses, and the uses that this has around marketing products services etc, but here is another soon to be hit in the marketing space to think about.

Microchunking: the concept of breaking something down into its smallest usable parts. Content companies breaking down digital media into bite sized pieces so that they can be shared, posted and linked to. This could be a skit from SNL, news clips, a clip of an amazing goal from the NHL. It is the new era of video distribution. It also means a new medium to advertise and marketing. The content is free, so what if you have to sit through an add before it starts. Plus who is viewing, posting it on their blogs, sharing these different media clips could provide valuable customer profiling. Popular clips released the morning after airing could be viewed hundreds of thousands of times in just a few days. The term isn't even in Wikipedia at this point, but here is a brand new article on it.

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