Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Thought Shift

Well, its been over a month since my last post, and I don't want to be another technorati statistic of bloggers who start and drop off after 3 months, so why not begin posting about my current thoughts. My thought focus has shifted to a business idea in the Web2.0 social software space, I have been hatching for the past few months, that is finally starting to get some traction to move me down the entrepreneurial path. Getting a startup going is hard work! ... To me, it is frustratingly slow wading through the entrepreneurial process quagmire. However in retrospect, it seems to be moving along at a decent pace.

So what did I do to start moving... After I had the idea somewhat fleshed out in my own head (enough so that I could describe it in oh 30... minutes or so:) I put together a concept deck and started going to peers to get their thoughts on if the idea was viable. Once I had talked over the idea with almost a dozen people, and had a number of shifts and refinements, I felt like it might be worth continuing. Plus, I now had my elevator speech down to about 10-15 minutes, so if I was in empire state building I might be able to tell someone about it. I then decided to move ahead and start drafting a business plan and recruit a team to help breath life into the concept.

This is the start of a very interesting journey (that hopefully keeps going) and its amazing all the things you learn, so after some coaxing from a colleague, I am going to start journaling some of these here. In the mean time, for other new entrepreneurs, here is a quick read no nonsense article that just came out around building a bulletproof startup. It would have been nice to have this a couple months ago, but in reading it, I felt better as my path seemed similar so far...

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