Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Coke (finally) Sees the Benefits of Viral Marketing

This week Coke finally inked a deal with Grobe and Voltz who created the exploding soda video (dropping mentos into diet coke) that became so popular during the summer. Mentos, parent company jumped on board pretty quickly to capitalize on the publicity. Coke took a more 'wait and see' approach. This week Coke unveiled a new challenge called "Poetry in Motion" which calls coke drinkers to create interesting or entertaining videos using run-of-the-mill household objects.

Coke finally realized the power of viral marketing. As online public relations expert Steve Rubel states: ""Somebody hijacked their brand and turned it into a worldwide phenomenon". They are a large company, and a little slower to move, but they still did it which is a big step for them to see how different techniques such as this can be used as proving grounds for potential marketing efforts all without the high prices and low creativity of today's professional add agencies.

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