Sunday, February 18, 2007

Online Existance

This image from lynetter caught my eye and got me thinking about how this not only applies to individuals but also businesses. Existing online does not mean having a static web page. A tombstone is static content, but it doesn’t mean you will get any interaction. To be part of the new economy you need to exist in some way in the environment that is supporting it. This environment is the internet. It doesn’t really matter what your business is, communication and interaction has always been and will continue to be a cornerstone in any business. It’s not about having a MySpace page or having online chat support into your business – it’s about existing online in a way that makes sense for you and your customers.

Take it even one level higher… watch this amazing video I saw last weekend about how the web is changing our world, and how WE are the machine. (By the way if you like the background music it is a band called Deus and you can download the song for free)

It is one of those things that you will likely need to watch twice for it to start sinking in, and will change the way you view the online world. I have been thinking about it the entire week. People get so wrapped up in web minutia, and they either forget or don’t even see the bigger picture. This presentation offers what I feel is the 100,000 foot view of what is really going on with the web, and it should bring a smile to your face. Often we dwell on the negatives and miss-uses of the internet, but there is always bad with the good, and this will help you see the amazing forward trend that is taking place.

So exist online for yourself, for your business, for your online community, and support the interaction, growth, and sharing of knowledge in this world.

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