Monday, May 14, 2007

Blogging is a Commodity

David Armano posted some thoughts from a presentation he did this past weekend about his experience and learnings with blogging. (Jason Alba took notes as well) Although blogging as a topic is discussed a lot, people are still learning, culture is shifting and there were definitely a few interesting insights he brought up:

You are not 'a Blogger' - you are a person who has something interesting to say. Blogging is a commodity, and anyone can do it. Calling yourself a blogger takes away from what makes you unique. Your talents, passion and personality does.

He discusses this concept and how it relates to your personal/corporate brand. Does your blog represent your extend your brand? Are you writing about what you are interested in or what you think others will be interested in. Are you creating content unique to you with your perspective or recycling content that others have created?

The interesting thing is that these concepts apply not matter if you are a single person with something to say, a sole proprietor of a business, a small business or a large corporation. The key with blogging is to be yourself. This is always so much easier than trying to be someone else anyway.

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