Friday, May 18, 2007

Recognizing Creativity

Creativity is a great word but often hard to describe in a business sense and even harder to grow as an skill. Tom Haskins has a very thoughtful post that can help you identify creativity in yourself, and in doing so provides some great direction to help you grow your own creativity skills as well as those on your team or in your organization.

The key points:

  • If you're learning from this, you're being creative. Making sense of new information is creating links, frameworks or containers in your own mind.
  • If you wonder where creative ideas and inspired actions come from, you're being creative. With a picture of being open to receive what comes to you, you are in a frame of mind to get more creative.
  • If you're thinking this experience is like something else, you're being creative.
  • If you see learning happening to you, you're being creative.
  • If you're feeling fluid, you're being creative.
  • If you're moved by what shows up in your world, you're being creative.
  • If you're grateful for what you're given to say, see and think about, you're being creative.

Practice you creativity and help others improve their ability to be creative. Creativity will lead to ideas and ideas will lead to new ways to think about your business and how to be successful.

Thanks for a great post Tom. I read a lot of informative blog posts every day, but I love to find those 'golden nugget posts' that keep you thinking well beyond the point when you flip to your next RSS feed.

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