Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Do You Strive for Thought Leadership?

I am currently listening to Maverics at Work by William Taylor and Polly LaBarre. This morning, just before getting out of the truck, they summed up the first section with 5 questions that I thought would be useful to pass on. They are centered around the concept of thought leadership, and propose that the only true form of market leadership is thought leadership.

5 questions to ask yourself today:

  1. Do you have a distinctive and disruptive sense of purpose?
  2. Do you have a vocabulary of competition that is unique to your industry and compelling to both employees and customers? (an 'only spoken here' vocabulary)
  3. Are you prepared to reject opportunities that offer short term benefits but distract from the long term goal?
  4. Can you be provocative without creating a backlash? (within your own organization or from competition)
  5. If your company went out of business tomorrow who would really miss you and why?
Take some time to think about these questions in your business, and you might rethink some of your current business practices to put yourself in a thought leader position.

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