Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Six 'C'igma

It seems like these days there is a shift away from extensive frameworks such as Six Sigma. I personally think that in most organizations full-blow Six Sigma initiatives are just too overwhelming to implement. It takes too long to see results, and in many cases the business has already changes, or the issue they are trying to correct has already had a negative impact on the organization. Unfortunately this translates into negative opinions on Six Sigma. I think it's more about effectively using parts and pieces of the framework. Thinking about how to best solve the issue, rather than blindly following Six Sigma steps because you have to. This is one reason why Lean (for both product and service companies) has become so successful. You can see results very quickly and don't need extensive statistical analysis to execute change.

As the business environment continues to change on a more rapid pace, frameworks are becoming more about concepts and patterns rather than strict processes. Jim Carroll has just posted what he is calling the 6 C framework for innovation within companies.

  • curiosity
  • creativity and rebellion
  • collaboration
  • change
  • courage
  • creating excitement every day
Of course the next logical question by many organizations is how you implement such a framework, so this is where all previous frameworks come into play. By understanding many different processes and tools, it allows you to customize for your own organizational needs. Don't throw out the old tools, just re-configure them to meet current business needs.

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