Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Different Perspective On Information Overload

Everyone talks about information overload. There is more than enough information available. Its time and attention that are in short supply. I have been reading much more from Stowe Boyd recently and he discusses a few thoughts about the concept of information overload that will make you think. Probably my favorite quote on the subject:

How do jugglers juggle? They don't focus on the balls, the movements, or timing. They unfocus: it is a field of all three dimensions and their attention is distributed. Good jugglers can also sing or tell jokes while juggling. Unfocus.

He also talks about how we can think about Time as 'Flow Time':

Flow (Lived) time: we are in the unending moment through which everything flows -- Piaget and others have noted that time dilates: sometimes it goes fast, sometimes it zooms. When you are in the zone, the tennis (base, soccer, basket) ball seems to slow down and there is plenty of time to get into the right position, without consciously thinking of it.

Flow Strategies: (I like #3)

  1. Time is a shared space -- your time is truly not your own
  2. Productivity is second to Connection: network productivity trumps personal productivity
  3. Everything important will find it’s way to you many, many times: don’t worry if you miss it
  4. Remain in the flow: be wrapped up in the thing that has captured your attention
Some of the concepts Stowe presents are a little mind-bending. How do they reshape the way you think about business or even your own personal life?

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