Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Example of Good Customer Service

You always see blog posts where people complain about the bad service they have recieved, so I thought I would post a short example of some good customer service.

I subscribe to a magazine called Alpinist. It is probably one of the highest quality magazines I have seen in terms of photo and article quality. (Similar to LIFE magazine) The production quality is incredible. Its one of those magazines you don't throw away. I renew my subscription yearly and have been a loyal subscriber since the first issue almost 5 years ago. I usually renew once a year, and for the past few years they have offered a free calendar (also with exceptional photography) to entice the renewal, which of course I take advantage of.

The start of 2007 came and went with no calendar arriving. However I just received a package today. Yes, its now March but the package didn't contain the calendar 3 months late. There was a note that explained that the demand for the calendars how outstripped the supply and they were not able to send me one this year. However inside the packet was an Alpinist T-shirt along with notice that I would be receiving an extension on my subscription by two additional issues. 2 extra issues may not seem like a lot but consider this: The magazine is only published quarterly and the newstand price is $13 USD/issue. I felt like it was a pretty nice gesture.

Companies are starting to 'get it'. The ones who don't will slowly fade away.

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