Sunday, January 07, 2007

Don't Be a Player

The new year is a great time for blog reading. Everyone is back from needed time off fresh with new thoughts and ideas. Here is a great analogy about how companies/brands often treat their customers by Alain Thys. He uses the analogy of a one night stand, or in this case a 'one night brand. where the company appears to be intersted...

"They advertise, promote, seduce and sell to get us to trust and believe them. And once we have fallen for their charms, we get a box with product and a customer service number which doesn't really want to answer our calls."

Companies often act like 'players' to their customers, often without even knowing it. Just remember players either eventually grow up, or then end up old fat and single still trying to play the same old tricks, but getting nowhere. Talk AND act like the kind of company your customer will want to have a relationship with.

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