Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Evolution & Integration of Search

Yes, I am sure we are all getting tired of the predictions for 2007, but here is an interesting post on the continuing evolution of search from Lynetter. Search is really what is enabling the Internet. It is now the starting point for most people who use this medium. In reality however it is still in its infancy. Lynetter has some interesting thoughts on how it will evolve over the next year. We all use it, but how much do we really understand it. As a company, I feel that understanding Search, and SEO will become extremely important to any business that needs to communicate to its customers (ie - all). Now that I am in the business of search, I find it fascinating how entire models and discussions around software design and development revolve so much around how design decisions will impact/enhance/impede search. I believe that this thinking actually goes beyond software, to many other business decisions. Anything from company name to how data/content should be structured, or defining marketing plans. Search is becoming as important to business as any other tool out there - how can it be more effectively utilized in your business strategy?

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