Sunday, January 14, 2007

Personal Shift

My blog has been quiet this past week - This is due to a career move that started monday. I have taken a position with a local startup Balihoo, and my mind has been swollen, and tired trying to weave myself into the team fabric as quickly as possible, leaving little time for me to put thoughts into the blog. The first week of a new job is always tough, but for me working with this small team where everyone from the CEO down is dedicated and driven and working together to make the company a success makes every day exciting. It is the most 'alive' I have felt at work in a very long time, and that is exactly why I will likely never move back into a large company environment. Timelines are in days or weeks, not months or years. You see the impact of what you are doing to improve company value quickly and clearly. Customer focus is everything - not something on a powerpoint slide, and passion as well as creativity are the rule, not the exception. I look forward to applying my learnings to future posts.

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Tac Anderson said...

Good luck Kevin. Change is always exciting. Hopefully this doesn't slow down your blogging too much.