Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Re-Thinking Traditional Media Channels

In a world where advertisers are scrambling to move to the new media channels, it is important to remember that although the Internet is growing rapidly, people still get out, and get away. Also, it is very likely that in more traditional settings advertisers may get better eye contact. On the Internet you may be bombarded with dozens of ads within a few minutes which makes people often immune to these items. But take roadside billboards. It is unlikely that drivers are doing much more multitasking that they have always done - talking on a phone, or listening to some form of audio, but their eyes are only focused on driving. They aren't scanning content, or flipping from topic to topic in seconds. Still a decent way to advertise, and now with a bit of technology, it may just get even better. Mini is now bringing some personality to billboards. Other traditional media will likely soon follow.